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July 30, 2008

Today’s menu : goo.

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Fellow orthobloggers, hello!

I think I’ve passed the 7 week post-surgery mark; I’m not even sure anymore. In any case, to celebrate this momentous event, here’s a picture of me trying to open my jaws as wide as I can: crap, isn’t it. I’m still eating everything with a spoon.

I also look like I have a greasy face, but that’s because it’s very hot over here.

What else.. I’ve been doing ruthless jaw exercices – thumbs on the upper jaw, forefinger on the lower, and push! Not comfortable, but if I want to shove that chocolate mousse in more efficiently something’s got to be done.

Foodwise, I was told pre-surgery that around day + 45 I’d be ‘eating normally’. As if. If normal means shovelling small portions of pasta, canneloni stuffed with ricotta and other almost non-chewable preparations into my face and getting smeared in tomato sauce in the process, then yes, I’m eating normally. Or perhaps they meant normally for a coordinationally challenged 2 year old?

Yesterday I followed Michelle and B’s tips and made pancakes, American style. It took me almost as long to eat them as to make them, but it was well worth it. I am, after all, in France, and food is supposed to be at the centre of the universe…

Be well, and thank you for stopping by!


July 17, 2008

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Audience : Ok, Chinders, enough whining about arthrititististis. We googled ‘ugly mugs’ and ‘jaw surgery’ for a reason. Give us some before and after photos already.

Oh, ok. Here goes: on the left, old profile, picture that would have been instantly chucked into the bin had I not planned this surgery and looked forward to a brighter, orthognathic furture.

On the right, today’s profile. I’m just sayin’.

I have to add that on the latter my remaining puffiness (cheeks, under my chin) isn’t so visible. I’m known to not be not quite handsome in a certain angle and a certain light, to misquote Nick Cave. 5 weeks post-surgery and I still have some deflating to do!

I do love that my nose has changed shape too from having my maxillar moved forward. It’s still big, but now it’s got personality instead of just being fugly.

The less narcissistic news are that the anti-inflammatories seem to have kicked in. I no longer feel that my maxillar is detaching itself from my skull, hurrah – still uncomfortable, but not panic-inducing.

Ok, that’s enough navel-and-nose-gazing for today. I have more pictures but I look either dumb or sweaty on them for some reason. More later. Thank you for stopping by! Be well!

June 27, 2008

D + 17 pictures

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Why 17? Just because.

Still quite a bit of swelling across the cheeks and under the chin, which makes me look.. wise and ponderous? Nope. Old. But it won’t stay, right?

June 22, 2008

Things I’ll never take for granted ever again* and other complaints.

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1. Breathing.

2. Drinking out of a glass, a cup, a vase, a bucket – whatever. Just not a syringe.

3. Blowing my nose.

4. producing more than ‘huhuh” or ‘han’. That’s called talking. Other people do it so well.

*well, give me a few months, and I’ll go back to my old ungrateful, jaded human self.

Today is D+12! The elastics are off for a few hours. I walk around the house and try to stick my tongue out at every mirror. A friend of my mum’s came round this morning and I was displayed : it hardly shows at all now does it, but she still doesn’t want to go out. You bet I don’t want to go out, I look like a retarded monkey with water retention problems. It does show, mum. And where is my chin gone? I’m used to getting everywhere a full two minutes after than my chin, and now look! it’s gone all shy and retiring.

I’ll go look at ‘old’ pictures now, to make myself look better. I’ll post some tomorrow, to make you laugh and hopefully, go : That was so worth it. Be well, thank you for stopping by!

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