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July 30, 2008

Today’s menu : goo.

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Fellow orthobloggers, hello!

I think I’ve passed the 7 week post-surgery mark; I’m not even sure anymore. In any case, to celebrate this momentous event, here’s a picture of me trying to open my jaws as wide as I can: crap, isn’t it. I’m still eating everything with a spoon.

I also look like I have a greasy face, but that’s because it’s very hot over here.

What else.. I’ve been doing ruthless jaw exercices – thumbs on the upper jaw, forefinger on the lower, and push! Not comfortable, but if I want to shove that chocolate mousse in more efficiently something’s got to be done.

Foodwise, I was told pre-surgery that around day + 45 I’d be ‘eating normally’. As if. If normal means shovelling small portions of pasta, canneloni stuffed with ricotta and other almost non-chewable preparations into my face and getting smeared in tomato sauce in the process, then yes, I’m eating normally. Or perhaps they meant normally for a coordinationally challenged 2 year old?

Yesterday I followed Michelle and B’s tips and made pancakes, American style. It took me almost as long to eat them as to make them, but it was well worth it. I am, after all, in France, and food is supposed to be at the centre of the universe…

Be well, and thank you for stopping by!


July 20, 2008

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  1. First of all, I’m sending good vibes to Lori, whose surgery is tomorrow morning. Not the same tomorrow morning as mine since we’re on different continents, but I hope the good vibes, if I start sending them now, will find their way there by the right time nonetheless.
  2. Then, today’s momentous piece of news is that finally, 5 weeks and 5 days post-surgery , when one-jaw patients are healed and back to normal, (I hear you snigger in the back) this double osteotomy (yours truly) finally managed to open her gob enough to have some potato mash. With a spoon. (a very small spoon..) 5 weeks, 5 days on soup and milkshake only. I did get covered in goo, but it was oh so good. Then I did that little dance where you jump up and down and rub your belly.
  3. A new culinary horizon is opening before my eyes! I’m going to mash everything I can get my hands on, and spoon it into my starving gob.

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