Chinderella – it’s an orthognathic fairytale, you see.

May 25, 2009

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I am healed, dehooked, debraced (two years, two months exactly);  flossing is  a gift from the Gods with straight teeth.I look forward to it every day.


I can bite into bananas, burgers and, occasionally, people – who wouldn’t want to be my friend? A properly fitting jaw is a wonderful thing, you know. I also seem to taste food better, with more acuity. A certain chocolate and raspberry cake recently brought tears to my eyes.


A year ago I was fretting, counting days til the surgery date and losing sleep at night. Now it’s all over! and normal life has resumed, finally; without the baggage of braces and hooks and explanations I am planning for a normal summer.

The giddiness at the new face is over now; but I do check, regularly, that the new face is still there, that the old one isn’t creeping back in. I heard scary tales of relapse, you see.

At school there is a 2 year old picture of the staff, my then awkward face smiling; you so don’t look like that now, some say as they pass; and I smile with a kind of gratitude, with all my teeth.

I haven’t regretted it, even for a second, even when I couldn’t breathe, or drink, or sleep, or eat.

*photos must be taken*

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