Chinderella – it’s an orthognathic fairytale, you see.

April 14, 2009

10 months, I believe.

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1. I’m still only half debraced, you know. Let me indulge in a discreet, bored yawn about that.


2. Actually – yawning is still not quite comfortable. In fact, I learned recently that we shouldn’t have those wide, all jaw- stretching attempts at all and try to curb my enthusiasm.

3. My next ortho visit is scheduled for Thursday, and the momentous news is that I will then fork out the final 200 euros – all I can say is, hurrah! No news as to a possible debracing date. That’s what happens when I complain: this bit not quite right?  She tweaks it for me, and extra weeks turn into months, and it’s April already, dammit!

4. I was asked – “Has your face gone back to what it was like before, or is it that we got used to it?”

As you imagine, I got quite a shock after that; I fought the urge to run into the lobby, where there’s a whole school picture, and me and my chin taking prominence, there on the first row.

Ha! I definitely don’t look like that anymore.

“You’ve got used to it”, I replied.

I still had to check in the mirror later, though.

5. I know, I need to take some pictures.

6. Finally,  all the best vibes to V, who’s a week post op – we all know how much fun that is. She did it!


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