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November 9, 2008

5 months post-surgery

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1. Blogfolks! While I was being sucked into the dark vortex of work, Laura and Susan had their own experience of jaw surgery. Good vibes were sent!

2. I suppose I should really take some pictures to back up the following statement: my face finally feels and looks pretty normal now – normal for a new class I, which is what I am I, hurrah!

3. I have regained all the sensitivity in chin and lips.  I could forget that I’ve had upper and lower jaw surgery, if it wasn’t for the care I take when eating. Chewing is slow- but it’s happening.

4.  I’m happy with my face, first of all because when I catch myself in the mirror I don’t think I look ill or tired, like I used to do pre-surgery. I don’t have recent pictures, as if this summer’s intense burst of narcisism had finally subsided.

5. The braces are still firmly attached and no estimation has been made as to when the blasted things will finally come off. I’m honestly growing weary of them and desire nothing more than a good thorough cleaning and polishing, and to be able to floss like a normal, straight-toothed, brace-free person… ah, the day will come.

6. still the best thing I’ve ever done, you know..

be well, thank you for stopping by!


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