Chinderella – it’s an orthognathic fairytale, you see.

September 28, 2008

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Orthobloggers, how are you? I’m celebrating 3 and a half months post surgery today, and things are mostly fine.

  1. James has finally got used to my new face and has embarked on a cooking mission to feed me tasty, nutritionally balanced stuff that I have to chew a little – make those muscles work- but not too much – under no circumstance should post-surgery diners reach frustration point and throw their cutlery in the cook’s general direction.
  2. A total of seven people have declared that I look like Juliette Binoche, which is cute and probably a compliment. (I really don’t).
  3. Teaching has been ok, talking is tiring but nothing major. I manage.
  4. I have regained complete sensitivity in my chin and lower lip; my teeth don’t feel like blocks of wood anymore. I’m impressed, and grateful.
  5. I’m booked for a visit to Dr L and to my ortho on October 7th; fingers and toes are crossed that the Eurostar will be working by then. There is still quite a lot of fine tuning to be done, and at this rate the hardware will never come off before Christmas! I don’t really care, actually.

September 12, 2008

Back to work post surgery,

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The Year 9 will never miss the opportunity to make a racket, so as I walk in grinning from ear to ear, I get a standing ovation and shouts of yessss she’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

That’s cute; so much for the good old ‘don’t smile til Christmas‘ method of crowd control.

You look so different, miss! How come you’re so tan?

Miss, I love your shoes!

Your hair is nice!

This is my first proper lesson post-surgery, and I have another 3 after this one, all 55 minutes long. I’m a bit apprehensive; what if I run out of energy, what if I have forgotten to project my voice properly, what if my jaws get stuck? Funnily enough, teaching modern languages involves a lot of, well, talking, and exaggerated facial expressions.

Once they’ve settled down, I explain.

Year 9, you know how much I love you, right?


And I would never have left you at the end of term if it hadn’t been for a good reason, right?


Well, this is the reason why: I had jaw surgery, which was gruesome and bloody but worth it; and which is also why I look like this (points at own face.) I hope you still recognise me.  Do you recognise me?


Right. Phew. It also means that I’m not fully recovered yet, because it takes a long time, and that when I’m talking to you I feel like I have a hot potato in my mouth, and I can’t articulate so well, which is only going to be fun for you; so the first one that giggles gets a detention.

They giggle.

‘k, entonces, vamos a empezar, no?

They’re lovely, aren’t they.

September 6, 2008

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1. Fellow orthognathic bloggers, I’ve gone back to work. First I profusely thanked The Boss for giving me sooo much (paid) time off to recover. Then I walked into the big meeting room, at 8am on Thursday morning, and saw 40 shocked faces looking at me. Then everybody cheered, because this is the kind of place I work at.

You look like a completely different person!

I got you some fudge as a welcome back present. Come by my office later on.

I heard that your favourite part was vomiting blood? That’s so HOT.

No, but really, you look like.. a completely different person!

Or would rather have nougat? Nuts?

Your skirt is falling off, you’re so thin. Bitch.

On Wednesday the pupils are coming back to school; that’s 250 more people to face, then. Right.

2. In other news, I have regained a good 90% of the sensitivity in my chin and lower lip- which I reckon is amazing. I’m tempted to think it’s another way to judge of a surgeon’s skill: during the surgery they need to push the nerves apart, trying to cause as little bruising at possible for the feeling to ever come back. Chances of permanent damage also increase exponentially with age – roughly, being 36, I had a 36% risk of some permanent numbness. But no, Dr L fully deserves his little altar in the living room. Off to light another candle right now.

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