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January 6, 2008

My chin is auspicious, they say.

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Hello and a happy , brand new 2008 to you too.

You see, 2008 is going to be a year of results. Not only does the Cosmo horoscope say so, but a Chinese friend reminded me that it’s soon the year of the Rat! Double whammy for yours truly.

I also came across this page about Chinese Face Reading; the Chinese believe in lucky and unlucky faces and a great deal is made of the mountains and rivers of the face, which indicate wealth and fortune. Generally, the central axis of the face is deemed to be a crucial indicator of a person’s lot in life, and when this appears to balance both sides of the face, the powerful trinity of luck is said to be properly aligned for prosperity.

And now for one spot of particular interest to us all : the chin

The sixth wealth spot is the second mountain on the face – the chin. This is also the place of earth in the trinity of tien (heaven) di (earth) ren (mankind), and is sometimes viewed as the jawline. To be auspicious, the chin should be protruding and prominent. A receding jawline is one sign of misfortune in old age. A prominent chin indicates a strong base mountain, and this is also suggestive of longevity.

(find the rest of the Face Reading here . )


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