Chinderella – it’s an orthognathic fairytale, you see.

August 18, 2007


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I have only had braces on since February but I’m already losing count of how many times I’ve visited my orthodentist. Every visit’s a mini adventure, because it involves finding my passport and taking the Eurostar across to France; I have my ritual all worked out now: the time I leave home,  where I have lunch before my appointment, what I do as a reward to myself when it’s all done. My next visit is planned for Tuesday 28th August, and this time I’l also be seeing my surgeon; the first time we met, last December, he said I was to come back six months into the orthodontics. I’m looking forward to it; yet I know I’ll be more nervous than usual, which is already pretty bad, in spite of the ritual and the reward. Will I get a surgery date? Will he be able to tell, this time, if both jaws need to be operated, or if just the upper one might be enough? What if he takes one look at me and decides – sorry, Miss Chinderella, I was severely mistaken, but I’m afraid you’re beyond the resort of surgery..? What if he’s a closet alcoholic? What if he’s won the euro lotery an has decided to bugger off to the Bahamas instead? What if he gets the hiccups during the surgery?

I really, really want to trust this guy.


August 11, 2007

An ordinary afternoon with my mum

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-Have I told you about my colleague’s daughter?

-Mum, is it another hospital story?

-you see, they found out – she’s only 18 months old- that she had leukaemia and

-Because if it is, you know I don’t want to hear hospital stories.

-and then, she needed a bone marrow transplant and

-do you know why I don’t want to hear hospital stories, mum?

-her brother is 4 years old, can you imagine? so they did a transplant and they didn’t know if it was going to work or if

-because, remember, I’m due for a hospital stay at some point and I’m anxiety in a tube, a concentrate of worry – I don’t want to know what horrible things might ha

-and she caught one of those, those superbugs that are so easy to catch nowadays, and

-what i want to hear is that things will go fine, y’know? That hopsitals can be relied upon?

-and suddenly she was about to die, and they realised the nurse had given her ten times the necessary dose of morphine

– this, for example, does not make me feel good. Mum. Pleaa

– because nurses make mistakes! and luckily the baby pulled through but just to say, one has to be very, very vigilant.

-thanks, mum.

August 5, 2007

Bloggers unite!

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img_9555.jpgKristen and I on Plaza mayor, madridBloggers! I’m back from two weeks of not sleeping much in Madrid. I love Madrid – the bars, the streets, the people, the food, the heat that keeps you up at night, the air-conditioned metro! While there, I also met the lovely Kristen on a European Odyssey – on the left on the picture, looking cool as a cucumber in the 37° heat of Plaza Mayor. How does she do it, when I look like a sweaty fart? It can’t just be that she is post surgery. I’m telling you, the girl’s got a secret. AND obviously, she looks amazing.

After I remembered how to speak English, we knocked down Tinto de verano and chatted about braces and jaws and wondered what are the hooks for during the operation – I suggested tools, she thinks advertising. She also reassured me about what I fear the most: waking up post surgery, and not being able to breathe. Thank you Kristen!

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