Chinderella – it’s an orthognathic fairytale, you see.

May 5, 2007

The little shop of

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1. For reasons that have to do with money and my lack of it, as well as with the extreme crappiness of the health service in this country compared to what I know I can get at home, I have chosen to have an orthodentist and surgeon in France. So, every month, I take the Eurostar to Lille, which is barely an hour and half away from where I live.That’s only a little over what it’d take me to cross London from West to East, what with the crap transportation and all. I try to convince myself it’s a nice little excursion, as well as promise myself rewards for afterwards and tell myself I’m very brave on the way there and back. Sometimes, on the way back, I want to cry a little but I admonish myself for being a wuss. A tired wuss with toothache.

Yesterday was what they call an adjustment; but what if they don’t adjust anything, and instead simply change the ligatures, and cause me so much pain that it qualifies, rather, as torture? Torture, I tell you, blogpeople.


2. ‘This is not normal’, said the orthodentist.

‘fantastic. I feel so much better’, I wimpered.

‘why didn’t you take painkillers before coming over? She asked, threateningly.

‘because I wasn’t expecting some kind of Spanish insquisition?‘ I cried

Nooooobody expects the Spanish inquisition‘, she didn’t holler because on top of it, she isn’t any fun. Instead, she left me alone in the room.

So, why do you think it hurts me so much?‘ I asked after I’d recovered and she’d clearly made another little mark on her list of victims, next door.

oh well, it depends on people’.

‘ but you said it wasn’t normal earlier?!

‘do make your next appoinment on your way out, dear’. She didn’t say dear because she’s brazilian, but I felt it all the same.

And I left, defeated and sore, and at night I dreamt that all my teeth were popping out of my gums; again.


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