Chinderella – it’s an orthognathic fairytale, you see.

February 25, 2007

good bye, lovely cashewnuts

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Do you know what I have been doing with my time? I do. I have been devising creative ways of producing healthy, yet tasty meals that I won’t have to chew, because chew I cannot do without feeling like I’ve been hit in the teeth with a sack full of pebbles. At this moment in time, there are four categories of foodstuff in my world: 1. edible because liquid 2 edible because puréed or mashed, but who in their right mind would want a cup of fish? 3. edible with a copious amount of work and an interesting element of pain 4. torturous or impossible. Most foodstuff including the Best Things in the world fall neatly into category 4 and will remain there for a while, methinks.


February 24, 2007

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Next time if I haven’t lost my momentum and if I’ve brushed well i’ll post some pictures. Maybe.

 La prochaine fois si je suis d’humeur, je rajoute des photos.

Bon maintenant ça suffit comme ça

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Good resolution #1 : stop reading forums about orthognatic surgery. It’s too early and it freaks me out so much that I either need a drink or start crying. Neither thing is either helpful, nor is it pretty. If I have to troll the innernet seeking information, focus on safe, non-gory facts about how to keep my braces clean or smoothie recipes, thank you very much. Write it down. Keep the bit of paper with me at all times.

Bonne résolution #1 : arrêter de lire tous les forums internet sur les opérations de chirurgie bi maxillaire. Il est bien trop tôt pour ça, et ils font paniquer la petite chose sensible que je suis. Dans mes moments d’oisiveté, si je dois absolument passer du temps à vagabonder sur internet, se concentrer sur des choses moins gore, telles que comment se brosser les dents ou des recettes de purée. Nonmého. Maintenant, écris-le. Sur un bout de papier. Ou sur ta main.

No I’m not going to translate literally. It’s suffocating.

Non je vais pas traduire tout correctement. Ca me fatigue.

February 22, 2007

Hi mum

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Quel dilemme, en quelle langue me plaindre, en français, en anglais, en mélange des deux comme si j’étais canadienne? Qu’est-ce qui sort le plus facilement : ni l’un ni l’autre; donc on va faire les deux. Hi, mum! Mais commencer en français, comme ça James va pouvoir apprendre des tonnes de nouveau vocabulaire utile, si utile…

C’est donc ici que je vais me plaindre, tout au long de cette chose, cette chose que j’ai commencée..! D’ailleurs, ici non plus je ne suis pas trop sûre par où commencer. Le manque de protéines, sûrement. Je souffre probablement d’une carence de protéines et de fer, car le poisson passé au mixer ne me tente pas trop.

Credit goes to James for the title, and I am not even offended. This is the place where I’m going to whine about this whole thing I’ve started – oh no, what have I started? WIth what it says on my orthondentist’s diagnosis, perhaps: I have a class 3 with maxillary retrusion and slight mandibular protrusion, moderate crowding on the lower arch and mild crowding on the upper arch. I’ve just had my braces, lower and upper, two weeks and a bit ago. It feels like ages. I’m planning a Lefort I for whenever will this is in the right position, some say a year, some say a year and half, some (but I don’t listen to them) say 2 years and a bit.
In the meantime, it’s a bugger eating anything – and I’m only at the braces stage!

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